Peer Reviewed Papers

  • [2] Forthcoming. The Aim of Belief and Suspended Belief.
    Philosophical Psychology.

    Synopsis: Current teleological and normative theories of belief cannot be extended to explain the descriptive and normative features of suspended belief.
  • [1] 2019 (Online). Weighing Aims in Doxastic Deliberation.
    Published | Penultimate
    Synopsis: Teleological theories of belief can answer the exclusivity objection.

Blog Posts

Ph.D. Thesis

  • 2018. On Belief: Aims, Norms, and Functions. Ph.D. Dissertation:
    Lingnan University.
    Published | Penultimate
    Synopsis: An extended survey of the ‘aim of belief’ literature, with a defence of a functional theory of belief.

Scholarship: My Ph.D. research was supported by the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong. 


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